On-A-Roll-Student™ is a concept designed to provide motivation to middle and high school
students who might not otherwise receive traditional recognition for their efforts in preparing
for graduation, college and adulthood. On-A-Roll-Student allows for self-motivation, the best kind and the kind most likely to provide ongoing results. Students display their commitment to best efforts in their education by purchasing and sporting an On-A-Roll-Student wristband.

The wristbands are available in three colors (Lancaster Blue, Maroon, Dark Grey) shown below, colors which are low-key and can easily combine with any clothing.

The On-A-Roll-Student wristbands are available as follows:

  • WHOLESALE box of 200 wristbands at $1.25 per wristband = $250 per box, delivered, intended for resale at a recommended $2.50 per wristband.
  • RETAIL/TRIAL box of 10 wristbands at $2.50 per wristband = $50 per box, delivered.
  • Wholesale boxes can be CUSTOM ordered with a short message visible on the back of the outside of the wristband, such as the initials of the school, short-form school name, mascot. There is a $0.15 upcharge per wristband for the custom imprint = $30 additional per wholesale box. Note: effective for orders placed after April 30th., 2013 the minimum size order for custom wristbands will be 1,000 bands = 5 boxes.
  • Shipping, handling, taxes are all included in the above quoted prices.
  • Wholesale and Custom boxes come in a standard mix of sizes. 75% are Medium size for wearers usually under 180lbs in weight, and 25% are Large size for those over 180 lbs or more big-boned. 
  • For every 10 wristbands in all box sizes, there are 4 Lancaster Blue, 4 Maroon, and 2 Dark Grey.
  • All wristbands come sealed in their own cellophane packet.
  • Wholesale box wristbands returned within 30 days, in their unopened individual cellophane packets, return post paid, will be fully refunded at the per piece price paid. retail/Trial and Custom orders do not qualify.
  • 10% of the gross proceeds on Retail/Trial boxes = $5.00 per sale will be set aside to promote educational programs that foster basic learning skills, such as reading.

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